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Sheridan Flight Training Center

Whether you are interested in becoming a pilot, are a current pilot looking to add a rating, or looking to join a club with close to a dozen available aircraft, we can help. Our Flight Training Centers of Glenndale (8I3), Kokomo (KOKK), Sheridan (5I4) and Westfield (I72) Airports offers everything from Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor certificates and ratings to Tailwheel, High Performance and Complex Endorsements. Learn to fly a Cub out of a 2500' grass strip, or learn to shoot WAAS GPS instrument approaches out of a 5200' strip in a retract. Whatever you are looking for, odds are we've got it!

Congratulations! (last updated:08/07/2014)
Congratulations to Arman Roshan on his FIRST SOLO on 8/7/14 at Kokomo!! CFI: Laura Stants Congratulations to Joe Pilcher on his FIRST SOLO, 7/3/14, in a C-172! CFI: Nick Boland
Congratulations to Andrew Warrington on his Tailwheel Endorsement in the Champ at Westfield on 6/8/14! CFI: Bill Mikulski Congratulations to Justin Harkcom on becoming a Private Pilot on 4/16/14! CFI: Laura Stants
Congratulations to Barry Cyr on completing his Private Pilot Certificate on 12/7/2103! CFI: Nick Boland Congratulations to Charlie Burke on completing his Tailwheel Endorsement in the Champ on 11/26/13, at Westfield! CFI: Bill Mikulski
Congratulations to Barry Cyr on his FIRST SOLO, 8/26/13, at Sheridan!! CFI: Nick Boland Congratulations to Jerry Hostetler on his FIRST SOLO, 8/12/13; CFI: Laura Stants!

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Westfield Fly-In 8/238/21/2014

THIS Saturday, Aug. 24th, come on out to the Westfield Airport's annual Light Sport and Ultralight Fly-In/Drive-In event! (The Airport Identifier is I72.) It's from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., and there will be Cub and Champ Discovery Flights available for $50. Instructors will be there to talk to you about fixed wing Light Sport, Powered Parachutes, and Weight Shift/Trike type Ultralights. Fly in to the 3000' sod runway, or drive in and check it out!

For more info, visit: http://www.westfieldairport.com/ul__lsa_fly-in

2014 Events - UPDATED 8/7/142/2/2014


Saturday, August 9: Indianapolis Executive Open House, Fly In and Air Race, supporting Down Syndrome (TYQ).

Saturday, August 16: Warsaw Airshow (ASW)

Saturday, August 30: The Marion Fly-In/Cruise In (MZZ)

And of course...

Friday-Sunday, September 19-21; Glenndale Days (8I3)

Stay tuned as we add even more events to the schedule as their dates are finalized!

Instant Gift Certificates!12/10/2012

Get an instant gift certificate for flying, instruction, discovery flights or pilot supplies!  

We now have fully automated gift certificates. Just click on this link: https://paymybill.kokomopilotsclub.org/ftcgc.htm

It lets you enter whatever amount you want, digitally issues the certificate right then and there and sends you an email so you can print it out! How easy is that?

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Because we share airplanes between airports, sometimes we find it easier to just leave the airplane at one of our satellite locations instead of bringing it back to its home airport right away. When this happens, a pop-up screen will appear when you schedule the airplane. The pop-up message will tell you where the airplane is currently (if not the home airport) and when it will return. As always, if you ever have a question please call or email us.


Give the gift of flight! Our Discovery Flights last approximately 20 minutes. You can either "fly" the airplane with the help of one of our Certified Flight Instructors, or you can just sit and enjoy the ride!

A Discovery Flight cost only $75!

To purchase your Discovery Flight, email steve@sheridanftc.com or call 765-319-3295 and leave a message!

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